it's (your) liiiiife, don't you forget

Have you heard of Des Vu??

No, not deja vu. I'm talking about Des Vu--it's the feeling of knowing that a moment will become a memory. It's having nostalgia for the present moment. This is what you want your photos to reflect. This feeling. As time goes on, details fade from memory but your photos are everlasting. They are your journal, your time machine, your legacy ✨

Destin & 30A

but I'll travel anywhere for love 🖤

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Heyo, it's Jo!

Your friendly neighborhood photog mama here to document the warm | romantic | real moments in your life. I'm the fly on the wall, the third wheel, and the (not-so) hidden camera capturing longing glances, stolen kisses, gentle touches, tickles, snuggles, and everything in between.

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