Hype woman | Human dream catcher | Documentarian

Okay, did we just become best friends?

I'm not really down for karate in the garage. That's a boundary I have to set right away! But I'm down to join you on any other adventure!

Hey y'all! I'm Jo-- a wife, mother, and photographer powered by iced coffee and obsessed with capturing the warm ☀️ | romantic 🖤 | real ✨ | moments in your life.

When my camera is away you can catch me momming, playing volleyball, attempting to read, or binging one of the 4 G's-- Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, and (New) Girl 🤩

When you book me, you're getting me! A quippy, dad-joke crackin', overly sentimental human. Be prepared to laugh, sing, dance, snuggle, cuddle, straddle, and strut! We aren't just taking pictures, we're making memories 🖤